Norton Commando 850 Roadster MK3

The Norton Commando 850 Roadster MK3, shown above in candy apple red with silver striping, with disc brakes, electric start and left foot gearchange is certainly a bike built for the modern era! Also available in white, with red and blue striping, and the traditional black with gold striping.

British Bike Bits, worldwide supplier of classic bike parts (including a range of Classic Norton Parts) are currently in the process of supplying a customer with a candy apple red petrol tank and with our great availability of original factory photos we thought we should share some of our research!

Norton’s classic sports machine for zapping corners and hauling down highways, the Commando 850 Roadster is lithe and quick and every bit as mean as it looks. Is the Roadster for you?
It is, if nearly touching pegs on a twisting mountain road without a single momoent’s doubt is your kind of thrill. It is, if raw power gives you a secret smile of satisfaction.
Try a Roadster. You’ll see.

Norton Features for 1975

Norton Features for 1975

  • Handlebar Console & Switches
  • New Seat Design
  • Rear Disc Brake
  • Electric Starting
  • Left Foot Shifting
  • Exhaust System

Norton Commando Roadster Petrol Tanks

Norton Commando Roadster Petrol TankBritish Bike Bits carry a superb reproduction Norton Roadster tank which they can have painted in the UK to various colour specifications. They are also available in bare metal.

These tanks are for use with the genuine type Ceandess chrome flip up petrol caps. Many of the other reproduction tanks on the market will only work with the Indian caps!

They are also very close to the original in terms of size and shape, which some other tanks fail to deliver on!


The 1975 Norton Commando Range

Other models in the 1975 lineup included the 850 Interstate, 850 Hi-Rider and the Commando 850 Cafe Racer


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