BSA A70 Lightning

The BSA A70 Lightning was a 750cc equivalent of the BSA A65 produced for the US market for flat track racing. Raced by stars of the time such as Dick Mann. They were also known as a ‘Lightning 75’.

Only 200 A70Ls were produced, 102 in June, 64 in July and 36 in August, See the production records below. These can be identified by the engine frame numbers; G June, J August and H July. Out of the 202 A70’s produced, it is believed that most were originally shipped to Baltimore and approximately 23 to California. Although they were released as 1972 models, they are stamped as 1971.

Whilst the bike used the same chassis as the A65 there were the following differences:

  • Standard 930/78+9 carbs but fitted with larger 250 mainjets
  • Increased Stroke (75mm x 85mm)
  • Increased Compression Ratio (9.5:1)
  • Crankcases
  • Crankshaft
  • Crankshaft Sludge Trap
  • Connecting Rods
  • Big End Shells
  • Flywheel and Bolts
  • Timing Side Bush
  • Oil Pump Drive Pinion Washer
  • Crankshaft Pinion
  • Crankshaft Thrust Washer
  • Crankshaft Shims
  • Oil-Pressure Release Valve
  • Pistons and Rings

Engine # Year Location Photo
GEO1025 1971 Varberg, Sweden
GEO1027 1971 Philadelphia Pennsylvania, USA
GE01030 1971 Florida, USA
GE01031 1971 Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
GE01035 1971 Essex, UK
GE01041 1971 Springville NY, USA
GE01046 1971 Ohio, USA
GE01054 1971 Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom
GE01055 1971 New York, USA
GE01057 1971 West Midlands, UK
GE01069 1971 Oakland California, USA
GE01070 1971 North Olmsted, Ohio, USA
GE01079 1971 Wakefield, USA
GE01092 1971 Atlanta, GA, USA
GE01097 1971 Rock Valley, Iowa, USA
GE01101 1971 Melbourne, Australia
JE01173 1971 Vale of Glamorgan, Wales
JE01185 1971 California, USA
JE01194 1971 Petaluma, California
JE01203 1971 Dettenheim, Germany
HE00163 1971 El Cajon, California, USA
HE01121 1971 Middletown, OHIO, USA
HE01122 1971 Northampton, UK
HE01136 1971 Atlanta, GA, USA
HE01139 1971 Tonsberg, Norway
HE01142 1971 Pontefract, UK
HE01158 1971 Mass, USA
HE01159 1971 Florida, USA
HE01161 1971 Seattle, USA
HE01166 1971 Cross Lake MN, USA
HE01168 1971 Nebraska, USA
HE01170 1971 Christchurch, New Zealand
HE01208 1971 Mid Wales,
P50 004 1971 West Midlands, UK
1971 Test, Taiwan
1971 Test, Taiwan
HE01116 1971 , United Kingdom
HE01132 1972 Golden, Co., United States
HE01168 1972 Golden, Co., United States
GE01045 1972 Houston, United States
JE01178 spring, Unknown
A70L/GE01079 1971 Sherborne, United Kingdom
A70L BH 01210 1972 Michigan, United States
GE 01026 , Unknown
A70L HE0160 1971 Malaga, Spain
JE01186 1971 Superior, United States
GE 01026 1971 Rugby, United Kingdom
HE 01166 1971 Rugby, United Kingdom
A70L GE01623 1971 Scalloway, United Kingdom
HE 01133 1971 Winchester, United States
A70L GE01035 1971 Market Harborough, United Kingdom
GE01025 1972 Sävedalen, Sweden
HE01132 1966 Denver, United States
HE01132 1966 Denver, United States
40 West Branch ,Mi, United States
A70LHEO1127 1971 Teignmouth, United Kingdom
A70L HE01141 1971 Littleborough, United Kingdom
Unknown 1972 Troy, Unknown
A70LGE01076 1972 Bath, United Kingdom
CE08296 1971 Bergen, Norway
A70L/GE01007 1972 Troy, United States
GE 01064 Wright City, United States
A70L/GE01074 1972 Dallas, United States
01107 1972 Holme Olstrup, Denmark
A70L/GE01011 1971 Santa Fe, United States
GE01068 London, United Kingdom
GE01040 1971 Blacksburg, United States
Unnumbered 1971 Alexandria, Canada
A70L GE 01037 1971 Marshfield, United States
GE01052 1971 Bath, United Kingdom
GE01052 1971 Bath, United Kingdom
61t9nc 1972 piahw7, Zimbabwe

Standard Form