Royal Enfield Interceptor 700

The Royal Enfield Interceptor 700 was the first of the famous Interceptor models.

For the Sportsman who wants High Performance and Beauty. A sleek, fast competition model in Highway Trim. The Highly Developed Interceptor 52HP engine has Lightweight high compression Pistons, K2F Magneto, two racing camshafts, large valves and ports, big 1-3/16″ Monobloc Carb. The Long 90mm Stroke gives tremendous torque for fast acceleration regardless of the load. The Interceptor “S” Sports  is fitted with quick detachable headlight, sports type 2 1/4 gallon gas tank, chrome steel fenders, competition forks, two downswept pipes and mufflers. Can easily be converted for cross country competition. Painted in Chinese Red.

A super-potent competition model with snarling power and acceleration. The Interceptor TT engine is equipped with two 1-3/16″ Monobloc Carbs, K2F magneto, lightweight high compression pistons, high-lift camshafts, large valves with racing valve springs, also the engine is dynamically balanced for high speed.
Fitted with 400 x 18 Knobbly Rear tyre & 350 x 19 trials front tyre. Equipped with Chrome Competition fenders, 3 1/4 gal. gas tank and Dual down swept pipes. No lights, no mufflers and no Speedo. The Largest and most powerful vertical Twin in the World

Technical Spec

Engine: 692cc OHV Vertical Twin 4 Stroke
Bore & Stroke: 70 x 90mm
Carb: Twin Amal 389
Electrics: 6V, Lucas Magneto Ignition
Rear Suspension: Armstrong Adjustable
Front Suspension: Telescopic, Two Way hydraulic Damping
Hubs: Full width Alloy and QD Rear
Brakes: 7″ Front and Rear

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Royal Enfield Interceptor 700


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VA 60254 10751 AGF233 1960 Chaingmai, Thailand
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VAX 60142 11017 AGC 759 1960 Gravesend, United Kingdom
VAX60245 11034 VAX60245 1960 LA, California, United States
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VAX 60344 11148 1961 statenville, United States
11081 11156 11081 1962 Victoria, Canada
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1961 Lima, Peru
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