Royal Enfield Interceptor Mark 2

When Royal Enfield production ceased at the famous Redditch works was switched entirely to the underground factory at Bradford-on-Avon, output was largely concentrated on the Big Interceptor Twin. Last year, with the redesigned crankcase assembly embodying car-type, wet-sump lubrication, it became the Series II Interceptor. The label is the same for 1970, but the machine in it’s latest form has a number of additional refinements
Excerpt from
  “Motor Cycle” magazine, 22 Oct. 1969

Full Genuine Double-Sided Reprint from the Royal Enfield Factory available

Technical Specs
736cc OHV Vertical Twin 4 Stroke
Bore & Stroke: 71 x 93mm
Carburettors: Twin Amal Concentric 30mm Choke Diameter
Ignition: 12v. Lucas Capacitator System With Twin Coils. Automatic Advance
Rear Suspension: Pivoted Fork with Girling Oil-Controlled Damper Units
Front Fork: Telescopic with Two Way Hydraulic Damping
Hubs: Full Width, Light Alloy. QD Rear
Brakes: 8″ x 11/4″ Front, 7″ x 1″ Rear
New Features (1970): Oil Cooler, Air Cleaner, Skid Plate and Passenger Hand Rail (See Below)
Top Speed: 117MPH
May 1969 List Price – $1495
06-3281 8" TLS Front Brake Plate Assembly - Norton / Royal EnfieldRoyal Enfield Interceptor MK2 Workshop Manual
Go Interceptor Royal Enfield Poster49584 Royal Enfield Interceptor number plate

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Royal Enfield Interceptor MK2


Royal Enfield Mark 2 Interceptor Register

Engine # Frame # G/Box # Year Location Image
1292 F1292 BG312 1969 London, United Kingdom
1522 1522 BG505 1969 , United Kingdom
1644 F1644 BG526 1969 Basingstoke, United Kingdom
1B – 1793 F 1793 BG 882 1970 Honolulu, United States
1B 1683 F 1683 BG 811 1970 acton, United States
1B 2103 F2103 BG A 305 1970 Munka Ljungby, Sweden
1B-1011 F1225 B9625 1968 Norwich, United Kingdom
1B-1038 1968 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1047 F1047 BG20 1968 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1058 1968 Baltschieder, Switzerland
1B-1066 1966 Baltschieder, Switzerland
1B-1069 F1069 BG18 1969 Georgetown, Texas, USA
1B-1075 F1075 1969 Lake Forest, Calif, USA
1B-1076 F1076 BG221 1968 West Midlands, United Kingdom
1B-1107 F1107 BG263 1969 San Francisco, Unknown
1B-1130 Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom
1B-1132 F1028 BG290 1968 Culmstock, Devon, United Kingdom
1B-1151 F1151 1969 Bemmel, Holland
1B-1158 F1158 BG186 1969 Somerset, United Kingdom
1B-1167 F1167 1969 Soverato, Italy
1B-1180 F1180 1969 Orimattila, Finland
1B-1197 F1197 1969 Winnipeg, Canada
1B-1214 F1214 1969 Hibbing, Minesota, USA
1B-1216 F1142 1969 Alabama, USA
1B-1220 F4759 BG72 Riverside CA, USA
1B-1235 F1235 BG254 Hamilton Ontario, Canada
1B-1236 F1236 BG238 Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
1B-1237 1969 Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom
1B-1261 F1261 BG115 1969 Minnesota, USA
1B-1274 F1274 BG136 1969 , Sweden
1B-1274 BG 316 1969 Ammer, Sweden
1B-1304 F1304 BG317 1969 Presteigne Powys, United Kingdom
1B-1314 F1314 BG103 1969 Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
1B-1322 F1322 1969 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1B-1323 F1323 1969 Qu?ec, Qc, Canada
1B-1336 F1336 BG338 1969 PA, USA
1B-1347 F1347 BG346 1969 REIMS, France
1B-1351 F1351 BG362 1969 Memphis, USA
1B-1371 F1371 BG383 1969 Melbourne, Australia
1B-1373 F1373 BG407 1969 Victoria B.C., Canada
1B-1378 F1378 BG398 1969 Crediton, Devon, United Kingdom
1B-1393 F1393 BG377 1969 Delta BC, Canada
1B-1394 F1394 1969 Parma, Italy
1B-1399 F1399 BG 387 1969 Québec, Canada
1B-1415 Trebur, Germany
1B-1417 F1417 BG449 1969 Lancashire, United Kingdom
1B-1420 BG453 1969 Victoria B.C., Canada
1B-1440 F1440 BG465 Novato, California, USA
1B-1444 F1444 BG510 1969 Leicestershire, United Kingdom
1B-1457 F1457 BG456 1969 Zug, Switzerland
1B-1466 F1467 1969 Bergschenhoek, Netherlands
1B-1468 F1468 BG480 1969 Milton, Canada
1B-1476 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1479 F1479 BG564 1969 Bloomsburg,Pa, USA
1B-1496 F1496 California, USA
1B-1505 1969 , France
1B-1513 F1513 BG495 1969 Milpitas, California, USA
1B-1516 F1516 BG606 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1530 F1530 BG516 1970 Niagra Falls, Canada
1B-1541 F1541 BG624 1970 Delden, Netherlands
1B-1544 F1544 1970 Newark Valley, NY, USA
1B-1545 F1545 BG587 1969 Summit, United States
1B-1548 F1548 BG555 1970 Pennsylvania, USA
1B-1551 F1551 BG664 1970 Namur, Belgium
1B-1558 F1558 1970 St. Clair Shores, MI, USA
1B-1564 F1564 1969 , Netherlands
1B-1597 F1597 BG729 1969 Fairfield Maine, USA
1B-1599 F1564 BG720 PA, USA
1B-1610 F1610 BG781 1969 Sacramento, United States
1B-1626 F1626 1969 Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
1B-1641 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1642 BG772 1969 Newbury, United Kingdom
1B-1643 11966 BG767 1969 Bastrop, Texas, USA
1B-1656 F1656 BG622 1969 Thetford, United Kingdom
1B-1662 F1662 1969 Orkney Islands, United Kingdom
1B-1664 F1664 BG755 1969 Northants, United Kingdom
1B-1668 F1668 Calgary, Canada
1B-1673 F1673 Twickenham, United Kingdom
1B-1686 F1686 1968 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1B-1689 F1689 BG868 1969 Rockhampton, Australia
1B-1694 F1694 BG842 1969 Hoxtor, Germany
1B-1698 F1698 1969 Leyland, United Kingdom
1B-1699 F1699 1969 Durban, South Africa
1B-1703 F1703 1969 London/Ontario, Canada
1B-1706 F1706 BG853 1969 Carson, Iowa, USA
1B-1714 F1714 1969 Colchester, United Kingdom
1B-1720 F1720 BG867 1969 Edmonton AB, Canada
1B-1734 F1734 1969 Rossland, Canada
1B-1743 F1743 1969 Virum, Denmark
1B-1753 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1762 F1762 BG930 1970 Ayrshire, United Kingdom
1B-1768 F1768 1970 Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom
1B-1774 F1774 BG861 1970 Flushing, MI, USA
1B-1775 F1775 BG803 1970 Thurnscoe, South Yorks, United Kingdom
1B-1781 F1781 1970 New Ulm, MN, USA
1B-1784 F1784 BG873 1970 Canberra, Australia
1B-1786 F2031 BG903 1970 Ebbw Vale, Wales, United Kingdom
1B-1792 F1792 1970 Fayetteville, NC, USA
1B-1799 F1799 1970 Auckland, New Zealand
1B-1804 F1804 1969 Austin, Texas, USA
1B-1809 1970 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1825 F1825 BG991 1970 Torsby, Sweden
1B-1831 F1831 1970 Norrahammar, Sweden
1B-1833 F1833 1970 Torsby, Sweden
1B-1837 F1837 BG971 1970 Torsby, Sweden
1B-1866 F1866 Frei, Norway
1B-1872 F7863 BG623 1969 Vara, Sweden
1B-1873 F1873 1969 Istres, France
1B-1880 F1880 1969 Pershore, Worcs, United Kingdom
1B-1882 1969 Imatra, Finland
1B-1885 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1900 F1900 BG951 1969 Mj?lom, Sweden
1B-1905 F1905 BGA14 1970 Mora, Sweden
1B-1908 F1908 1969 Benoni, South Africa
1B-1909 F1909 1969 Pretoria, South Africa
1B-1910 5527 BGA112 1969 Raglan, Wales
1B-1912 F1912 1969 Benoni, South Africa
1B-1914 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1918 F1918 1969 Harrogate, United Kingdom
1B-1924 F1924 BG162 1969 Delta BC, Canada
1B-1933 F1933 BGA189 1970 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
1B-1936 F1936 BGA148 1969 Carson, Iowa, USA
1B-1937 F1937 1969 Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom
1B-1938 1969 , Spain
1B-1947 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1951 F1951 BGA249 1970 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1B-1957 F1957 BGS224 1970 Ocala, Florida, USA
1B-1977 F1977 BG354 1970 Chillicothe, ILL, USA
1B-1979 F1979 BGA368 1970 Florida, USA
1B-1980 F1980 BG426 1970 Alberta, Canada
1B-1984 1970 Ontario, Canada
1B-1988 BG433 1970 Delta BC, Canada
1B-1994 F1994 BGA73 1970 Torsby, Sweden
1B-2008 F2008 BGA120 1970 Skreia, Norway
1B-2010 F2010 1970 Frei, Norway
1B-2010 F2010 1970 Orskog, Norway
1B-2012 F2012 1970 ,
1B-2013 F2013 1970 , United Kingdom
1B-2016 F2016 1970 Ontario, Canada
1B-2033 Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom
1B-2042 F2042 1970 Bologna, Italy
1B-2060 F2060 BGA 363 1970 Bideford, North Devon, United Kingdom
1B-2077 F2077 1970 Bonn, Germany
1B-2089 F2089 1970 Carmarthenshire, Wales
1B-2095 F2095 1970 St Louis, USA
1B-2100 F2100 BGA436 1970 Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
1B-2109 F2109 BGA457 1969 Borlange, Sweden
1B-2115 1970 New South Wales, Australia
1B-2120 F2120 1970 , Luxembourg
1B-2126 F2126 BGA408 1970 Bastrop, Texas, USA
1B-2130 F2130 BGA411 1970 Tennessee, USA
1B-2134 F2134 BGA389 1970 Pennsylvania, USA
1B-2149 F2149 BGA303 1970 Ontario, Canada
1B-2157 F2157 Rossland, Canada
1B-2160 F2160 BGA183 1970 Worcester, United Kingdom
1B-2162 F2162 BGA262 1970 Victoria B.C., Canada
1B-2163 F2163 BGA-242 1970 Eldersburg, United States
1B-2175 F2175 BGA465 1970 NJ, USA
1B-2191 F2191 1970 New Jersey, USA
1B-2194 F2194 BGA104 1970 Barneveld, Holland
1B-2196 F2196 BGA141 1970 Austerlitz, Netherlands
1B-2198 F2198 1970 Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom
1B-2199 F2199 BGA62 1970 Saint Albans, Vermont, USA
1B-2214X Maldon, United Kingdom
1B-2216X 69848 1970 Salzgitter, Germany
1B-2480 BG203 1970 ,
1B-2503X 73507 1970 Southampton, United Kingdom
1B-2533X New South Wales, Australia
1B-2557X BGA186 Milpitas, California, USA
1B-872 ,
1B-873 F873 AGZ3630 1968 Torsby, Sweden
1B.2092 F.2092 1970 coldstream, United Kingdom
1B1310 F1310 1969 Devizes, United Kingdom
1B1310 F1310 1969 Devizes, United Kingdom
1B1310 F1310 1969 Devizes, United Kingdom
1B1310 F1310 1969 Devizes, United Kingdom
1B1314 F1314 1969 SHEFFIELD, United Kingdom
1B1314 F1314 BG103 1969 Exeter, United Kingdom
1B1560 F1560 BG683 1970 Cincinnati, United States
1B1710 F1710 BG858 1969 Maldon, United Kingdom
1B1758 1B1758 BG928 1970 Lemont, United States
1B2076 F2076 BGA361 1970 Cincinnati, United States
1B2076 F2076 BGA361 1970 Cincinnati, United States
3022 4408 654 1970 Liberia, Liberia
3113 3984 6135 1970 Parnu, Estonia
3400 3226 4308 1970 Spitak, Armenia
3523 1053 5814 1970 Udon Thani, Thailand
445 9040 490 1970 Carthage, Tunisia
4495 4794 144 1970 Kampala, Uganda
6grcl9 7b21og 0q3m28 1970 g6ig48, Zimbabwe
7377 6085 3213 1970 Estepona, Gibraltar
7763 4275 974 1968 Chisinau, Moldova
BG 696 F 1556 BG 696 1969 Sandusky, United States
BG526 F1644 1969 Basingstoke, United Kingdom
BG761 5527 BG761 1970 Olympia Washington, United States
BG761 5527 BG761 1970 Olympia Washington, United States
BG761 5527 BG761 1970 Olympia Washington, United States
BG761 5527 BG761 1970 Olympia Washington, United States
IB 1093 1093 BG 138 1969 Hockley, United Kingdom
IB 1451 1451 BG 507 1969 Lidköping, Sweden
IB 1854 1854 BGA 7 1970 Tecumseh, United States
IB1186 4789 BG179 1970 Texcoco, Mexico
IB1802 F1802 BG896 1970 Blairgowrie, United Kingdom
vijm9q drrtks bmxnly 1970 lh73sy, Zimbabwe
F1644 BG526 Dorset, United Kingdom
DVLA Number Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
6951 Cardiff, Wales
1970 Ravenna, Michigan, United States
1970 Ravenna, Michigan, United States
4808 6337 1970 Санкт-Петербург, Cape Verde