Royal Enfield Interceptor Mark 2

When Royal Enfield production ceased at the famous Redditch works was switched entirely to the underground factory at Bradford-on-Avon, output was largely concentrated on the Big Interceptor Twin. Last year, with the redesigned crankcase assembly embodying car-type, wet-sump lubrication, it became the Series II Interceptor. The label is the same for 1970, but the machine in it’s latest form has a number of additional refinements
Excerpt from
  “Motor Cycle” magazine, 22 Oct. 1969

Full Genuine Double-Sided Reprint from the Royal Enfield Factory available

Technical Specs
736cc OHV Vertical Twin 4 Stroke
Bore & Stroke: 71 x 93mm
Carburettors: Twin Amal Concentric 30mm Choke Diameter
Ignition: 12v. Lucas Capacitator System With Twin Coils. Automatic Advance
Rear Suspension: Pivoted Fork with Girling Oil-Controlled Damper Units
Front Fork: Telescopic with Two Way Hydraulic Damping
Hubs: Full Width, Light Alloy. QD Rear
Brakes: 8″ x 11/4″ Front, 7″ x 1″ Rear
New Features (1970): Oil Cooler, Air Cleaner, Skid Plate and Passenger Hand Rail (See Below)
Top Speed: 117MPH
May 1969 List Price – $1495
06-3281 8" TLS Front Brake Plate Assembly - Norton / Royal EnfieldRoyal Enfield Interceptor MK2 Workshop Manual
Go Interceptor Royal Enfield Poster49584 Royal Enfield Interceptor number plate

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Royal Enfield Interceptor MK2


Royal Enfield Mark 2 Interceptor Register

Engine # Frame # G/Box # Year Location Image
1B 1683 F 1683 BG 811 1970 acton, United States
1B 2103 F2103 BG A 305 1970 Munka Ljungby, Sweden
1B-1011 F1225 B9625 1968 Norwich, United Kingdom
1B-1038 1968 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1047 F1047 BG20 1968 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1058 1968 Baltschieder, Switzerland
1B-1066 1966 Baltschieder, Switzerland
1B-1069 F1069 BG18 1969 Georgetown, Texas, USA
1B-1075 F1075 1969 Lake Forest, Calif, USA
1B-1076 F1076 BG221 1968 West Midlands, United Kingdom
1B-1107 F1107 BG263 1969 San Francisco, Unknown
1B-1130 Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom
1B-1132 F1028 BG290 1968 Culmstock, Devon, United Kingdom
1B-1151 F1151 1969 Bemmel, Holland
1B-1158 F1158 BG186 1969 Somerset, United Kingdom
1B-1167 F1167 1969 Soverato, Italy
1B-1180 F1180 1969 Orimattila, Finland
1B-1197 F1197 1969 Winnipeg, Canada
1B-1214 F1214 1969 Hibbing, Minesota, USA
1B-1216 F1142 1969 Alabama, USA
1B-1220 F4759 BG72 Riverside CA, USA
1B-1235 F1235 BG254 Hamilton Ontario, Canada
1B-1236 F1236 BG238 Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
1B-1237 1969 Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom
1B-1261 F1261 BG115 1969 Minnesota, USA
1B-1274 F1274 BG136 1969 , Sweden
1B-1274 BG 316 1969 Ammer, Sweden
1B-1304 F1304 BG317 1969 Presteigne Powys, United Kingdom
1B-1314 F1314 BG103 1969 Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
1B-1322 F1322 1969 Calgary, Alberta, Canada
1B-1323 F1323 1969 Qu?ec, Qc, Canada
1B-1336 F1336 BG338 1969 PA, USA
1B-1347 F1347 BG346 1969 REIMS, France
1B-1351 F1351 BG362 1969 Memphis, USA
1B-1371 F1371 BG383 1969 Melbourne, Australia
1B-1373 F1373 BG407 1969 Victoria B.C., Canada
1B-1378 F1378 BG398 1969 Crediton, Devon, United Kingdom
1B-1393 F1393 BG377 1969 Delta BC, Canada
1B-1394 F1394 1969 Parma, Italy
1B-1399 F1399 BG 387 1969 Québec, Canada
1B-1415 Trebur, Germany
1B-1417 F1417 BG449 1969 Lancashire, United Kingdom
1B-1420 BG453 1969 Victoria B.C., Canada
1B-1440 F1440 BG465 Novato, California, USA
1B-1444 F1444 BG510 1969 Leicestershire, United Kingdom
1B-1457 F1457 BG456 1969 Zug, Switzerland
1B-1466 F1467 1969 Bergschenhoek, Netherlands
1B-1476 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1479 F1479 BG564 1969 Bloomsburg,Pa, USA
1B-1496 F1496 California, USA
1B-1505 1969 , France
1B-1513 F1513 BG495 1969 Milpitas, California, USA
1B-1516 F1516 BG606 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1530 F1530 BG516 1970 Niagra Falls, Canada
1B-1541 F1541 BG624 1970 Delden, Netherlands
1B-1544 F1544 1970 Newark Valley, NY, USA
1B-1548 F1548 BG555 1970 Pennsylvania, USA
1B-1551 F1551 BG664 1970 Namur, Belgium
1B-1558 F1558 1970 St. Clair Shores, MI, USA
1B-1564 F1564 1969 , Netherlands
1B-1597 F1597 BG729 1969 Fairfield Maine, USA
1B-1599 F1564 BG720 PA, USA
1B-1626 F1626 1969 Hertfordshire, United Kingdom
1B-1641 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1642 BG772 1969 Newbury, United Kingdom
1B-1643 11966 BG767 1969 Bastrop, Texas, USA
1B-1656 F1656 BG622 1969 Thetford, United Kingdom
1B-1662 F1662 1969 Orkney Islands, United Kingdom
1B-1664 F1664 BG755 1969 Northants, United Kingdom
1B-1668 F1668 Calgary, Canada
1B-1673 F1673 Twickenham, United Kingdom
1B-1686 F1686 1968 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1B-1689 F1689 BG868 1969 Rockhampton, Australia
1B-1694 F1694 BG842 1969 Hoxtor, Germany
1B-1698 F1698 1969 Leyland, United Kingdom
1B-1699 F1699 1969 Durban, South Africa
1B-1703 F1703 1969 London/Ontario, Canada
1B-1706 F1706 BG853 1969 Carson, Iowa, USA
1B-1714 F1714 1969 Colchester, United Kingdom
1B-1720 F1720 BG867 1969 Edmonton AB, Canada
1B-1734 F1734 1969 Rossland, Canada
1B-1743 F1743 1969 Virum, Denmark
1B-1753 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1762 F1762 BG930 1970 Ayrshire, United Kingdom
1B-1768 F1768 1970 Maldon, Essex, United Kingdom
1B-1774 F1774 BG861 1970 Flushing, MI, USA
1B-1775 F1775 BG803 1970 Thurnscoe, South Yorks, United Kingdom
1B-1781 F1781 1970 New Ulm, MN, USA
1B-1784 F1784 BG873 1970 Canberra, Australia
1B-1786 F2031 BG903 1970 Ebbw Vale, Wales, United Kingdom
1B-1792 F1792 1970 Fayetteville, NC, USA
1B-1799 F1799 1970 Auckland, New Zealand
1B-1804 F1804 1969 Austin, Texas, USA
1B-1809 1970 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1825 F1825 BG991 1970 Torsby, Sweden
1B-1831 F1831 1970 Norrahammar, Sweden
1B-1833 F1833 1970 Torsby, Sweden
1B-1837 F1837 BG971 1970 Torsby, Sweden
1B-1866 F1866 Frei, Norway
1B-1872 F7863 BG623 1969 Vara, Sweden
1B-1873 F1873 1969 Istres, France
1B-1880 F1880 1969 Pershore, Worcs, United Kingdom
1B-1882 1969 Imatra, Finland
1B-1885 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1900 F1900 BG951 1969 Mj?lom, Sweden
1B-1905 F1905 BGA14 1970 Mora, Sweden
1B-1908 F1908 1969 Benoni, South Africa
1B-1909 F1909 1969 Pretoria, South Africa
1B-1910 5527 BGA112 1969 Raglan, Wales
1B-1912 F1912 1969 Benoni, South Africa
1B-1914 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1918 F1918 1969 Harrogate, United Kingdom
1B-1924 F1924 BG162 1969 Delta BC, Canada
1B-1933 F1933 BGA189 1970 Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA
1B-1936 F1936 BGA148 1969 Carson, Iowa, USA
1B-1937 F1937 1969 Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom
1B-1938 1969 , Spain
1B-1947 1969 New South Wales, Australia
1B-1951 F1951 BGA249 1970 Cleveland, Ohio, USA
1B-1957 F1957 BGS224 1970 Ocala, Florida, USA
1B-1977 F1977 BG354 1970 Chillicothe, ILL, USA
1B-1979 F1979 BGA368 1970 Florida, USA
1B-1980 F1980 BG426 1970 Alberta, Canada
1B-1984 1970 Ontario, Canada
1B-1988 BG433 1970 Delta BC, Canada
1B-1994 F1994 BGA73 1970 Torsby, Sweden
1B-2008 F2008 BGA120 1970 Skreia, Norway
1B-2010 F2010 1970 Frei, Norway
1B-2010 F2010 1970 Orskog, Norway
1B-2012 F2012 1970 ,
1B-2013 F2013 1970 , United Kingdom
1B-2016 F2016 1970 Ontario, Canada
1B-2033 Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom
1B-2042 F2042 1970 Bologna, Italy
1B-2060 F2060 BGA 363 1970 Bideford, North Devon, United Kingdom
1B-2077 F2077 1970 Bonn, Germany
1B-2089 F2089 1970 Carmarthenshire, Wales
1B-2095 F2095 1970 St Louis, USA
1B-2100 F2100 BGA436 1970 Tyne & Wear, United Kingdom
1B-2109 F2109 BGA457 1969 Borlange, Sweden
1B-2115 1970 New South Wales, Australia
1B-2120 F2120 1970 , Luxembourg
1B-2126 F2126 BGA408 1970 Bastrop, Texas, USA
1B-2130 F2130 BGA411 1970 Tennessee, USA
1B-2134 F2134 BGA389 1970 Pennsylvania, USA
1B-2149 F2149 BGA303 1970 Ontario, Canada
1B-2157 F2157 Rossland, Canada
1B-2160 F2160 BGA183 1970 Worcester, United Kingdom
1B-2162 F2162 BGA262 1970 Victoria B.C., Canada
1B-2175 F2175 BGA465 1970 NJ, USA
1B-2191 F2191 1970 New Jersey, USA
1B-2194 F2194 BGA104 1970 Barneveld, Holland
1B-2196 F2196 BGA141 1970 Austerlitz, Netherlands
1B-2198 F2198 1970 Ashby de la Zouch, United Kingdom
1B-2199 F2199 BGA62 1970 Saint Albans, Vermont, USA
1B-2214X Maldon, United Kingdom
1B-2216X 69848 1970 Salzgitter, Germany
1B-2480 BG203 1970 ,
1B-2503X 73507 1970 Southampton, United Kingdom
1B-2533X New South Wales, Australia
1B-2557X BGA186 Milpitas, California, USA
1B-872 ,
1B-873 F873 AGZ3630 1968 Torsby, Sweden
7763 4275 974 1968 Chisinau, Moldova
BG 696 F 1556 BG 696 1969 Sandusky, United States
F1644 BG526 Dorset, United Kingdom
DVLA Number Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
6951 Cardiff, Wales
1970 Ravenna, Michigan, United States
1970 Ravenna, Michigan, United States