Triumph TRW

The Triumph TRW is a 500cc Side Valve motorcycle which was designed in 1943 for use in the war effort. However by the time the bike was finished, the war was over and so Triumph was left with a surplus of bikes. In 1948 Triumph began supplying not onlt the British Army home and abroad, but also other forces all over the world until the 1960’s.


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Triumph TRW


Below you will see the bikes currently on our register

Engine # Year Location Photo
14411N Chatham, Canada
22109 1953 boston, United Kingdom
22312 1952 Mirpur AJK, Pakistan
22514 1952 Indianapolis, United States
22929 1955 arbroath, United Kingdom
23501x na 1952 Royston Barnsley, United Kingdom
23506 x na 1955 , United Kingdom
23SX79 1957 Island Park, United States
24085 1955 CHICHESTER, United Kingdom
24121NA 1956 Langley BC, Canada
24370 1956 Clacton-on-Sea, United Kingdom
24371 1956 Hereford, United Kingdom
24699NA 1956 High River, AB, Canada
24748NA 1956 Minesing, Canada
24941 na 1956 Keighley, United Kingdom
25297NA 1956 Windellama, Australia
25426NA 1956 Wells, United Kingdom
25426NA 1956 Wells, United Kingdom
25740 1957 Maryhill, Canada
26232NA 1957 Vankleek Hill, Ontario, Canada
26396X NA 1957 Charlottetown, Canada
27722 1961 Norrköping, Sweden
28585 1963 New Londn, United States
29343NA 1964 Eagle Point, Victoria, Australia
29343NA 1964 Eagle Point, Australia
29343NA 1964 Eagle Point, Australia
29343NA 1964 Eagle Point, Australia
29363 NA 1964 Lancaster, United Kingdom
29463 NA 1964 Westerland, Netherlands
4602 1955 Raduznyj, Russia
6911 1962 Hesperange, Luxembourg
8036N 1951 Fortrose Rosemarkie, United Kingdom
Accstores 1958 Accstores, Australia 1952, Uganda
H101-H760 1957 Tisdale, Canada 1963, Bahrain
TRW 22099 Clacton On Sea, United Kingdom
TRW 22099 Clacton On Sea, United Kingdom
TRW 14304NA 1951 Mablethorpe, UK
trw 14441n 1951 Hull, United Kingdom
TRW 22019NA Vale of Glamorgan, UK
TRW 22207hp 1952 Upper Stondon, United Kingdom
TRW 22296 NA 1952 bern, Switzerland
TRW 22338NA Arosa, Switzerland
TRW 23167 NA 1955 Utica, United States
TRW 23179 NA 1953 Devon, United Kingdom
TRW 23323NA 1955 Tonbridge Wells, UK
TRW 23373 NA 1955 bishops stortford, United Kingdom
TRW 23502 NA 1964 Lincoln, United Kingdom
TRW 23783 St.Gillis Waas, Belgium
TRW 23819NA 1962 Congleton, United Kingdom
TRW 23834NA 1956 Eindhoven, Netherlands
TRW 23858NA 1956 Eindhoven, Netherlands
TRW 24004NA 1956 ,
TRW 24004NA 1956 Waynesville, United States
TRW 24238 NA 1956 Mirabel, Canada
TRW 24319NA Belleu, France
TRW 24508NA 1956 Fairview, Canada
TRW 24524NA 1956 Nova Scotia, Canada
TRW 24524NA Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
TRW 24591NA 1956 Vancouver, Canada
TRW 24592 NA 1956 st.catharines ontario, Canada
TRW 24667 NA 1956 Keithsburg, United States
TRW 24761 NA 1957 Winkler, Manitoba, Canada
TRW 24814NA 1956 Montreal, Canada
TRW 24835 NA 1956 nganjuk, Indonesia
TRW 24835 NA 1956 nganjuk, Indonesia
TRW 24919 1956 Palm Harbor Fl., United States
TRW 24941NA 1956 Harrogate, United Kingdom
TRW 24946 NA 1956 Waterdown, Ontario, Canada
TRW 24992NA 1956 Windsor, Ontario, Canada
TRW 25080NA 1956 Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
TRW 25107NA 1956 Hagersville, Ontario, Canada
TRW 25113NA 1956 Pontyclun, Unknown
TRW 25132NA 1956 Hagersville, Ontario, Canada
TRW 25302NA 1956 Chico, California, USA
trw 25428 na 1956 Quinte West, Canada
TRW 25597NA 1957 Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States
TRW 25605 NA 1957 Godmanchester, Canada
TRW 25607NA 1957 Quebec, Canada
TRW 25639NA 1957 Littleborough, United Kingdom
TRW 25690 NA 1956 Rivière-du-Loup, Canada
TRW 25776NA 1957 Connecticut, USA
TRW 25823XNA 1957 Birmingham, Alabama, USA
TRW 25869NA 1957 BC, Canada
TRW 25891NA 1957 Montreal, Canada
TRW 25904NA 1957 Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada
TRW 25908 NA 1956 Eads, United States
TRW 25911NA 1957 California, USA
TRW 25928NA 1957 Michigan, USA
TRW 25929NA 1957 New Jersey, United States
TRW 25945NA 1957 Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada
TRW 25969 NA 1956 Glasgow, United Kingdom
TRW 25980 NA 1957 Rockville, Virginia, United States
TRW 2599NA 1956 moncton, Canada
TRW 26007 NA 1957 Memphis, United States
TRW 26027 NA 1957 Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
TRW 26039NA 1957 Pickering, mo, United States
TRW 26045NA 1957 Barber Museum, Alabama, USA
TRW 26066NA 1957 Victoria, BC, Canada
TRW 26107 NA 1956 Markinch, United Kingdom
TRW 26107 NA 1956 Markinch, United Kingdom
TRW 26127NA 1957 St Martins New Brunswick, Canada
TRW 26129NA Ontario, Canada
TRW 26155NA 1957 Victoria, BC, Canada
TRW 26174 NA 1956 Rossendale, Lancashire, United Kingdom
TRW 26215 NA 1957 Bampton Oxon, United Kingdom
TRW 26546NA 1957 Arvada, Colorado, USA
TRW 26889NA 1957 Arzignano - VI, Italy
TRW 27414XNA 1960 Asheville, NC, USA
TRW 27489NA Gozo, Malta
TRW 27496 NA 1959 Rahway, United States
TRW 27611NA Erskine, Scotland
TRW 27616NA Vredenburg Western Cape, South Africa
TRW 27635NA 1952 High Wycombe, United Kingdom
TRW 27644NA 1952 Shepherdsville, United States
TRW 28270 NA 1951 Hyderabad, Pakistan
TRW 28633NA 1963 hornbæk, Denmark
TRW 28854NA 1963 Co Clare, Ireland
TRW 29008NA 1964 Cheshire, England
TRW 29024NA 1964 Erskine, Scotland
TRW 29101NA 1964 Kirkby in Furness, UK
TRW 29133NA 1964 Oetwil am See, Switzerland
TRW 29155NA 1964 Kirkby in Furness, UK
TRW 29195 NA 1964 Eindhoven, Netherlands
TRW 29222NA 1964 Adelaide, Australia
TRW 29257NA 1964 Eindhoven, Netherlands
TRW 29341NA Frame 29271 1964 Suffolk, UK
TRW 29364NA 1964 Keighley, UK
TRW 29384NA 1964 Essex, UK
TRW 29385NA 1964 Devon, UK
TRW 29386NA 1964 Norwich, UK
TRW 29388NA 1964 Middlesex, United Kingdom
TRW 29405NA 1964 Basingstoke, United Kingdom
Trw 29414 na 1964 Cheshire, United Kingdom
TRW 29439NA 1964 Erskine, Scotland
TRW 29453NA 1964 Oxfordshire,
TRW 29456 NA 1964 Ryton-on-Tyne, United Kingdom
TRW 29459NA 1964 Lincolnshire,
TRW 29556XNA 1964 Birmingham, Alabama, USA
TRW 29566XNA 1964 Maidstone, UK
TRW 29571XNA 1964 Norwich, UK
TRW 29578X 1964 Market Rasen, United Kingdom
TRW 29579XNA 1964 Colchester, UK
TRW 29591X 1964 Arklow, Ireland
TRW 6231NA 1951 Keighley, UK
TRW14304NA 1951 Chester Le Street, United Kingdom
TRW23694 1954 Malmesbury, United Kingdom
Trw23956NA 1964 Farnham, United Kingdom
TRW24395NA 1956 Springfield, United States
TRW24835NA 1956 bandung, Indonesia
TRW25338NA 1956 Backnang, Germany
TRW256o5NA 1957 Godmanchester, Canada
TRW25969 1957 Glasgow, United Kingdom
TRW26146 Cochrane, Canada
TRW26426NA 1957 London, Unknown
TRW2755 1952 York, Western Australia, Australia
TRW29002NA 1952 London, United Kingdom
TRW29099NA Gosport, United Kingdom
TRW29313NA 1964 Sion-Mills, County Tyrone, NW Ireland, Ireland
TRW29471NA 1964 , United Kingdom
TRW29567XNA 1964 FARNBOROUGH, United Kingdom
TWR 1952 Cambridge, United Kingdom
TWR 25917 1957 Market Weighton, United Kingdom
TWR 29002NA 1952 Cambridge, United Kingdom
V25903NA 1957 Austin Texas, United States
Waiting for log from DVLA 1952 Cambridge, United Kingdom
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