Triumph Bonneville Chopper – Wanted

Hi, my name is Jon Stobbs, I am trying to track down my old Triumph Bonneville Chopper so that I can hopefully buy it back from the current owner. It was a real quality build, one other distinctive thing about the bike, it had a mural on top of the tank of a winged dwarf with a broadsword similar to the album cover for Broadsword and the beast by Jethro Tull. Reg Number SLG26H
I built the Bonnie Chopper when in my mid twenty’s and I sold it to a guy who put flat bars on it, owned it for 10 years.
He part exchanged the bike with Burton Bike Bits in the mid 90’s. The deal was that he gave them the Triumph Bonneville Chopper and a payment for a Triumph Trident T160 and a BSA A75 Rocket 3.
I called Burton Bike Bits and spoke to a lady a few months ago to ask for any information on the bike, she said that if I sent a picture she might be able to put it on your notice board in the hope that one of your customers might have some information on the current owner.
I would be gratefully for any information you could pass to me to help track the current owner. I would love to be able to purchase the bike back as it has lots of sentimental value to me!
Thank you for your time.
Best regards
Jon Stobbs

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