BSA Parts Suppliers, Who is Number 1?

If you own a BSA, it is very likely that you need a reliable BSA Parts supplier to help you keep your classic bike on the road. Chances are, you have a favourite “go to” supplier for your BSA spares, but what if they don’t have the part you need?

The reaility is, whilst the availabilty of BSA parts is probably better now than it ever has been, the British Bike Parts supplier is a dying breed! Suppliers are either retiring or being bought out by larger businesses. Whilst for many of us this makes it easier to buy these parts from the main worldwide dealers, some BSA owners are not internet savvy and so struggle to find the best companies to help them out.

Luckily there are a few old school BSA Spares specialists who have not only embraced modern technology and joined the internet revolution, but have also maintained a customer service which can only be given with experience and a passion for BSA motorcycles. One such company is Burton Bike Bits, without doubt the number one BSA spares supplier in the UK. They may not be the first company to pop into your mind as a BSA specialist, mainly because they sell a huge range of Triumph, Norton and Royal Enfield parts as well as BSA. But if you look at the huge number of BSA part numbers in their inventory, they actually carry more than most of the BSA specialists combined!

Why are Burton Bike Bits the Number 1 BSA Parts Supplier?

One of the key attributes of a top quality classic bike parts supplier is their stock. Burton Bike Bits have been trading since 1978 and have accumulated masses of classic bike parts. Whether it is genuine new old stock parts, second hand, or brand new BSA Parts, Burton Bike Bits have it all! Add to that the top customer service and an unmatched knowledge of BSAs gives them the edge over any other dealer in the world, in my opinion.

Can I Even Buy BSA Bantam Spares from BBB?

As mentioned prevously, Burton Bike Bits carry a massive range of BSA parts, and cover most Post War models. So if you need parts for a BSA Bantam, or an Oil in Frame BSA A65, Burton Bike bits should be your first stop!

Can I buy BSA Parts Over the Phone?

Burton Bike Bits have two websites, their online brochure and their e-commerce shop However, you can also call on 01530 564362 and usualy speak with the talking parts book Carolyne. She is an expert on deciphering requests like “I need the bit which screws onto the end of the whatsit on my bike”. It is always recommended that when carry out any work on your classic bike, that you invest in a parts book. This shows everything which should be on the bike as an exploded diagram, but most importantly show the BSA part numbers. Any dealer worth their salt will work with original BSA part numbers. So be prepared when you call with a list of part numbers to avoid any embarrassment or wasted time.

So what are you waiting for, get over to the BSA Parts section of British Bike Bits and find the missing pieces to your puzzle!


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