A70L GE01035

BSA A70 Lightning 1971 in Market Harborough,United Kingdom

Engine Number A70L GE01035

Bike Details

Purchased from Yeoman’s Motorcycles in Bromsgrove April 2018 in a terrible semi-choppered state. Missing LH rod and piston as well as other cycle parts. Now undergoing restoration which is being documented on my YT channel within a playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqkSFIjyuKDGMcijLSlp7XowMmr8GpklP.

LH big end seizure and rod break appears to have occurred due to blocked sludge trap. Luckily the rod break didn’t cause the remnants to explode through the case although it was scored badly internally, but repairable.

Hoping to complete the restoration and display at the Stafford show in April 2020.

Located in Market Harborough,United Kingdom


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