TRW 26107 NA

Triumph TRW 1956 in Markinch,United Kingdom

Engine Number TRW 26107 NA

Bike Details

Built in Dec 12 1956 and exported to Canada on contract on the 24th.When decommissioned she was repainted black with some extra chrome and formed part of a collection of 17 siblings,all of the same year.This collection was then bought and repatriated by Woods motorcycles(and friends).Some were recommissioned and used for a holiday from Wales to Scotland(Dads army TRW,youtube).After this some were kept and some sold,I was lucky to but 2,one for restoration which was bought and completed by a friend in Glasgow and this black one which has only done 5000 miles from new.She has a non standard 8inch hub which I added when working on a spoke issue for extra braking.This is my 7th and probably last TRW,great ride,great character and great fun.

Located in Markinch,United Kingdom


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